Why we do what we do.

It doesn’t matter how good your design is if you don’t know who you are.

After a decade of helping businesses with things like logos and websites, we recognized the most valuable thing we offered our clients wasn’t cheap, fast, excellent design… It was clarity and confidence.

Our clients came to us confused about how to keep growing their companies, and they left with clarity and confidence for the season ahead. We recognized that other agencies weren’t offering this type of corporate “soul work,” and that excited us.

We’re way more interested in helping businesses discover (or re-discover) their true identities than just designing a new logo or website for them. Don’t get us wrong, we love great design. In fact, we’ve devoted much of our lives to it. But great design with no alignment to a company’s character and culture isn’t much more than lipstick on a pig.

No more lipstick on pigs!

To be healthy and attractive, there needs to be intentionality in these three areas of your life:

  • Spiritual: Your soul.
  • Physical: Your appearance.
  • Emotional: Your relationships.

Wait… Are you saying my company has a soul? …Shouldn’t it?

I think that’s why all of this matters. Too many companies are compromising their true identities to chase money and success. What if you were true to who you’re uniquely wired to be?

Maybe that would be attractive.

Maybe that would inspire your employees to love their work.

Maybe that would create a season of growth that’s been missing for years.  

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