12 Signs You Need to Rebrand

When to brand?

You should begin the branding process once you’ve committed to a business idea. Even before you choose the company name, read about that here, you will need to work through the processes we’ve laid out in this course.

What if I have an existing company and brand already?

If you already have a brand, you need to be delicate in how you rebrand yourself. Especially if you have a large client base, who knows you already.

Start with creating an audit of the business. Collect as many of its marketing pieces, campaigns, visual components, etc. as possible and take note of what exists already. While studying the existing business, head to toe, go through the questions and concepts you are learning in this course.

If your current brand does not live up to your business attributes, if you are not emotionally connecting to your target audience, if there is no life, no energy in what is current then it’s safe to say you need to rebrand your business.

12 signs you may need to rebrand:

  1. Are you are entering a new market or changing business direction?
  2. Are you offering any major new services?
  3. Has your business’s growth slowed or stopped?
  4. Are you are getting fewer business leads than in the past?
  5. Are there new competitors entering the marketplace?
  6. Do your visuals look dated or stale compared to your competition?
  7. Do you struggle to describe how your business is different?
  8. Has your business changed direction since you last adjusted your brand?
  9. Are you struggling to hire talent?
  10. Has your customer base changed?
  11. Are you trying to figure out how to take your business to the next level?