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Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy

Everything we do is born out of these first strategy sessions. If we build a beautiful house on an unstable foundation, shame on us! In these early, collaborative conversations we’ll establish the brand promise, positioning, messaging and differentiation.

Visual Identity / Logos

From an established strategy and direction, our designers have everything they need to design a memorable, long-lasting visual identity. If brand strategy is your personality, then your logo is your face. Both are equally important to develop meaningful relationships with your customers.

Website Design

Creating an engaging, responsive website requires paying attention to the latest web technology and studying user psychology. Understanding how people use websites is almost more important than how it looks… Though we specialize in doing both 🙂

Content Marketing / Copywriting

“How you say what you say is what you say.” You can hear it when someone disingenuously apologizes, or sarcastically replies to an honest question. Because of this, Copywriting is wildly important. If you’re trying to come across a certain way, but your website copy or Ad language is sloppy, you’ll miss an opportunity to engage your audience. We have a team of copywriters that work tirelessly to bring clarity (and sometimes hilarity) to your written copy.

Brand Management

Building a successful brand is a hands-on commitment. Unfortunately, it’s not a “set it and forget it” type of thing. Many of our Clients bring us along for the ride, to help ensure their brand is staying on point, and any important decisions are made with the brand’s strategy in mind. We offer annual retainers for relationships like this.

Graphic Design

Sometimes our Clients have general graphic design needs, and we’re more than happy to create beautiful designs for them. From brochures to apparel, vinyl banners to marketing materials… Our design team’s diverse background lends itself to a broad range of possibilities.

Brand Style Guides

It’s a risky thing to put your brand in someone else’s hands, but sometimes it’s required. Vendors, printers, interns galore… We focus on creating comprehensive (but easily followed) Brand Style Guides to protect your beautiful brand from the hands of well-meaning, but uninspired, folks.

Investor Pitch Decks

Seeing as we’re “Your Startup’s Best Friend,” it’s only appropriate for us to specialize in storyboarding and designing pitch decks. We’ve helped support entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars by designing beautiful, easy-to-follow presentations. Even before you’ve got investors, your pitch is worth investing in!

Campaign Strategy & Design

Whether you’re launching a fundraising campaign or you’re running for political office, we’re ready to help you knock it out of the park! Campaigns are comprehensive expressions of your brand, and your creative partner needs to be able to hit people from every angle. Web, print, video, and yes… Even yard signs.

Photography & Videography

While we’re not a film agency, many of our Clients have needs for videography and production. For smaller projects, we handle the full scope of video projects. For larger productions, we often help in scripting the story and ensuring the final product reflects the heart of the brand.

Motion Graphics & Animation

In the day of the winnowing attention span, creating short animations has become all the more important. Explainer videos have become very popular, because of how successful they are in communicating complex ideas in 30–60 seconds. From strategy to storyboarding to 4D animations, we help bring these Explainer videos to life.

Usability, Brand & Design Audits

Maybe you’ve already got an established brand. If so, that’s great! But how’s it doing? Is it working? Are your words resonating with your audience? What’s your reputation like? Does your team use the right language when talking with customers? Our Brand Audits help identify opportunities for refinement and growth. These are quite often the first step of us engaging with an existing company or organization.

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