Adventure Code Academy

Building the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Code What Is Possible.


Adventure Code Academy provides a fun way to learn coding in a safe and supportive environment. Students (ages 7-14 years old) learn in an exciting, collaborative space where everyone has a place to be known and engaged.

What we had to solve

Our clients approached us with a plan to launch a program where children could learn to code and be equipped for the years ahead. And beyond that, they wanted to create a place where all children could play, explore and build. A place where collaboration and mistakes are encouraged, where success is measured by the fun and the journey of it all. A place that is safe and inclusive, a place where everyone could belong.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Development
  • Voice
  • UX/UI Design

What we did

Emery worked alongside ACA’s owners to develop both a playful, bright, friendly logo and visual identity.We looked at the business model holistically and designed a beautiful responsive website that shared those values. When combined we setup ACA for success with solid design work, a beautiful and easy to use web experience and brand guidelines for both visual and voice. Now its up to them to take our expertise and be successful!


Adventure means you approach each challenge creatively; you try even if the outcome is a mystery; you adapt with changes and obstacles; you always keep going. It’s optimism and hope in action. There is no best or worst. ACA is a place where progress is celebrated and problem-solving is the point, where students can interact with concepts and ideas they’ve never been exposed to, as well as other types of students they’ve never had the chance to collaborate and learn with. To encourage and empower children, to instill confidence and collaboration. To give students space to explore ideas and discover their own capabilities, expanding their ideas of what is possible. The destination is unknown, but the adventure is guaranteed.

  • We are supportive.
  • We foster an environment of creative learning.
  • We focus on collaboration.
  • We always have fun.

Brand Voice

Adventure Code Academy is hopeful and passionate.

ACA is a genuine mentor and welcoming friend. Always thoughtfully understanding and vibrantly excited about learning and creativity, ACA is smart, light, and fun.

Adventure Code Academy will always be hopeful and passionate. A genuine mentor and welcoming friend.


With coding, you can build anything. Where should we begin?

Every problem can be solved, with a little creativity and teamwork!

Don’t be afraid. Just begin, and remember to have fun.

Learning opens up a world of possibilities.

You can do this. Just keep trying.

Failure and mistakes are just detours on our adventure.

Are you ready?!


Coding is a useful tool in technology that isn’t applicable anywhere else.

That’s wrong, try again.

Building something is the point.

Without success, you aren’t doing anything.

Learning is just about education.

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