A New England based mental health clinic looking to refresh just in time for a new location.

New England Center for Mental Health came to us to rebrand their practice to coincide with the grand opening a new facility. Their visual identity was a bit confusing, having been cobbled together over the course of 7 years. Their web presence was heavy-laden with stock photos and their logo didn’t really mean anything to them.

Unlike most therapy practices, NECMH also has a team of prescribers, able to diagnose and treat mental health problems. We knew that the logo couldn’t feel like a yoga/therapy studio, but it also couldn’t feel too medical or sterile.

We needed to find a healthy balance.

We landed with refined typeface that felt more comfortable and approachable than the previous one, paired with an icon showing a patient experiencing the benefits of working with NECMH providers. At the center of the mind is a neural receptor making a connection, resulting in rays of sun emanating out from them.

A unique solution, marrying the world of therapy and medicine.