Imagine a world where every month WE ALL gave just $1 to a worthy cause.

Our goal was to create an identity for DollarFund that would speak to a new, pioneering way of giving back through social influence and $1 dollar donations. Our identity as the face of the DollarFund initiative needs to speak to being progressive while appealing to a universal demographic with a focus on those using social media as a tool to share ideas.

A New Form of Currency

With something as revolutionary as creating a new form of sharing we thought we needed to create a mark to stand up with how unique this process is. We didn’t want to just touch on the financial aspect of this and incorporate a dollar symbol. Rather we thought it would be different to create your own custom currency symbol. Something that would stand up next to current symbols that our out there and give them slight similarities, while incorporating own visual ties to the “D and F” of DollarFund.

It is actually quite remarkable to see them in a “line up” of other currency symbols and really see how iconic a mark like this could be. I think something like this is quite unique and really shows the magnitude and importance of what DollarFund stands for.