Our Team

We’re consultants, designers, writers & brand strategists.

Charting the course, side by side, from where you are to where you want to be.

We’ll get you to your destination.

We Are

Creative Wayfinders
Brand Strategists
Art Directors
Project Managers
Content Marketers
Social Media Specialists

We Aren’t

Click-bait Marketers
False Advertisers
Slick-haired Salespeople
One-and-Done Machines
Apathetic Robots
Intimidating Art Folk
Judgemental Supreme Overlords

Our Expertise

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Web Design
Content Marketing
Creative Consulting

Core Values


We speak truth in love. If something is broken, we’ll point it out. We value transparency in communication.


We’re in the business of change. We require our team (and clients) to be brave and take steps of faith.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We fight for unity at every step along the way.

Our Team

We are more than just branding specialists, and more than just designers.

John Emery


A few birthdays ago, John’s wife bought him a unicycle. The problem? John didn’t know how to ride a unicycle. But, true to form, by the end of the next summer he was riding it through his neighborhood while juggling. John is whimsical, disciplined and passionate. You’ll find that John brings a refreshing level of focus and creativity to his work. At home, he’s a faithful husband and a present father to his kids.

Elyse Emery


Elyse is a leader of leaders. When she’s not dancing with her kids in the living room or speaking on stage at church, she’s meeting with entrepreneurs to help them realize their potential. She has experience at every level of the Org. Chart, and now helps run the agency she started with her husband in 2014. She is passionate about spirituality and loving the people around her.

Joshua Vizzacco


Joshua’s experience and passion for discovering creative solutions has made him a flexible (and meticulous) brand designer. Having run his own business for nearly a decade before joining our team, he is an entrepreneur at heart. He is committed to bridging the gap between business and design; and does a darn good job at it.

Brett Laub


Brett keeps a can of Flarp at his desk. He is a joyful, talented designer that specializes in developing visual identities that last for decades. But beyond his professional competencies, his character is what has earned him a lifelong position with us. He recently married a woman far more beautiful than him, and when he’s not traveling to meet with Clients, he works from the comfort of his home.

Ben Emery


Amongst his family and friends, Ben is famous for having the best “Best Man Speeches” ever heard. With an unparalleled sense of humor, Ben has a knack for understanding how to speak to a wide range of audiences. He recently married the love of his life, Grace, and adopted her two beautiful children as his own. He lives in a family-built home in the backwoods of Maine.

Gina Yu


The English in Gina loves to talk about melancholy, while the Irish in her loves to talk about death. She is obviously neither, but it’s the details and textures of living, the unseen and untold that fascinate her. It’s identity and communication that led her to study journalism, working with food magazines, public radio and startups. She works to help people tell their stories, in hopes of contributing to a more empathetic world.

Ally Moran


Ally is known for her bubbly personality and contagious smile. Her passion for life brings joy to those around her, and her genuinely optimistic outlook shines light into every situation. Through studying communication in college, she fell in love with the way language and design intersect to create clear, concise messages. She is a leader who is constantly learning, and who puts her heart into every aspect of life.

Nicole Lafferty


Nicole came to us, as if on the wings of angels—an accountant willing to join a team of creatives. (We’re still in a bit of disbelief about it all.) She brings a skill set essential to the health of our agency. Having worked with businesses of all sizes, as well as starting a few of her own companies along the way, Nicole was part of the family from her first day on board. When she’s not assembling numbers into happy columns and rows, she’s chasing around her children (and pet rabbits).

Our Outposts

Boston MA   |   Columbus OH    |    Atlanta GA    |    Portland ME