Creation of a Brand in 4 Phases

Your brand (relationship) develops in four stages:

1. Strategy

The strategy is the vision, clearly stated, that explains how you will attract customers. How are you different? What are you providing that differentiates you from the marketplace? A strategy provides answers and makes everything easier.

2. Messaging

Messaging is the words you use when you write and talk about your business – whether internally to employees or externally through marketing initiatives and your website. Your core values, ideas, and tone (brand voice) should be expressed through your messaging consistently. It must be clear, easy to understand, believable and relevant to your potential customers.

3. Visual Identity

Your visual identity includes all visual communication components of your brand, including logomarks, color, imagery, typography, packaging, and layout. A brand’s visual attitude should align with the brand strategy.

The visual identity should create a strong emotional reaction. Potential customers will be drawn to your business even if they can’t articulate why.

4. People

In any business, the people behind the scenes – owners, stakeholders, employees are at the core of a brand. All of the values a company holds tightly to, all of the expectations customers come to recognize from a business must be backed up by people living it out. A strong brand can help employees understand what is expected of them and remind them of their roles in the brand relationship.