5 Trends Changing How Brands Are Developed

1. Customers only want to work with people they trust

Customers want someone who has a positive track record. If your business isn’t reflecting positive attributes of a firm, established and trustworthy establishment, chances are they are out. More so than ever your business needs to look and act the part. Understanding your brand and having the right graphic design to match is a giant step forward in the right direction.

2. Customers are changing how they search for solutions

Referrals still matter, but customers now expect to see them from online resources such as social networks as well as testimonials on your website. Businesses and services are also being found through search engines more than ever. The more references to your business from multiple sources the better.

3. Your website is your proving ground

Almost all customers rule out a business because their website is not compelling or lacks clarity. “Confuse them and lose them.”  Having the right messaging and visual style on your site is vital for potential customers to feel safe with choosing your business or service. Tailoring your visual communication and messaging to your target customers will resonate with the right customers and compel them to take the steps forward engaging with your business.

4. Trust is being built differently

Connecting with people through professional associations or over coffee still, works. But who has time? More and more, trust is being built through education and sharing expertise online or tailoring their offerings to go above and beyond what is necessary to differentiate their business from the competition.

Your customers have needs. They will research to find the correct solutions, educate themselves and contact the those who were most helpful and authoritative. This trend is stoking the rise of content marketing. By understanding your brand holistically you put yourself in a better position to create relevant content or tailor services to the right customers.

5. Geography is no longer a key player in customer selection

With the rise of internet-based services and the globalization of markets,  a local presence has become less important. Now, it’s important for buyers to find someone who will understand their needs fully and solve their problem, where ever they reside.

Face-to-face contact is still very important!

What this means is your competition has just gotten much wider.

The businesses who take the time to clearly differentiate themselves with branding and visual design, as well as align services or products to customer needs will be competitive. Everyone else will eventually fade away.

Specialist businesses are on the rise. Trying to be everything to everyone or following the pack is becoming a risky strategy. Align your business with your customer base and refine your services even if that means simplifying your offering.