Everyone has a “worst customer experience story.”

They’re easy to tell, and people are always willing to listen. You recognize bad service the second it begins, whether it’s a rude employee at a restaurant, or a never-ending customer support phone menu. You feel frustration and hell, even anger that can linger for hours. What’s becoming more and more common are the “BEST customer experience stories.”

More and more companies are fine-tuning and improving the Experience their customers have with the brand. Free 2 day shipping, easy returns, money back guarantees are all classic sales pitches to bring immediate buying value to the customer, but CX goes much MUCH deeper than that.

In recent years, Customer Experience has come to be synonymous with Customer Support, but really, it encompasses ALL THINGS that relate to customer interactions with the brand. Some of those interactions are active, like the product itself, website navigation, placing orders, phone/email/chat support, returns, and physical retail. Others are passive like social media, content marketing, and paid ads. It doesn’t end with these apparent touchpoints either. It’s about the way the receptions greets customer and clients, the hold music, the look and feel of the confirmation email, invoices, POS material, swag, instruction manuals, etc. It’s about every single interaction a customer has with your brand for the entire lifecycle.

We live in an age ruled by transparency and user reviews. Any restaurant owner will tell you that one bad Yelp! review can halt business. If your brand is truly defined by the way it’s perceived, you want to make sure your CX aligns with your brand’s true identity at every step. Imagine buying a high end, luxury camera, then waiting on hold for 20 minutes when you have a question about its usability. Or not being able to easily return an item sold by a company boasting that it is family owned. If what your customers are hearings, seeing, touching, and feeling doesn’t compliment your brand’s message, you’re in trouble.

Understanding and investing in CX is the only way to be fully competitive in today’s market. New brands are constantly emerging with a mastery of experience. At Emery, we look at every aspect of customer interaction and touchpoints. We observe each possible end-to-end journey with the customer, not the business, in mind to give a complete and unbiased evaluation.

We work in tandem with our Leadership, Culture, Voice, and Design teams to ensure message consistency throughout all touchpoints. Aspirational CX goals are compared to the competitive landscape to keep your approach unique and elevated. Rather than merely suggesting changes to be made, we work alongside your in-house teams responsible for creating a successful experience to make sure solid foundations are in place.

Having a thorough understanding of what is most important to your customer allows leadership to determine what resources and employees are necessary for success. Sometimes that means digitizing or automating the process, while other times it can mean making sure there is a human in charge. It varies from company to company, brand to brand, and audience to audience.

In short, we help your brand fulfill its promise.